Out of Network

There are three reasons I’m not “in-network” on any insurance plans.

  1. It is a big hassle for me to deal with insurance companies; they don’t make it easy for providers. I prefer to spend my time helping people, not doing insurance paperwork.
  2. Involving an insurance company reduces clients’ privacy. Insurance companies require in-network therapists to report periodically on diagnosis and progress. I prefer that my notes about sessions stay only in my locked file cabinet, where no one else can see them.
  3. Insurance companies require that each client have a diagnosis and that therapy focuses on that diagnosis. Some of my clients do have a depressive disorder, an anxiety disorder, or other condition recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. But many other clients are just going through a transition, dealing with a difficult situation, or just feeling stuck. I don’t think the insurance companies’ illness-focused approach fits for most clients. I’d much rather approach each person as an individual, not as a diagnosis.